Life is not a simple yes or no

| 26 Oct 2017 | 01:39

    The recent information sessions pertaining to the establishment of the Town of Palm Tree only serve to highlight the complex nature of this issue. It is too easy to conclude that separation is the road to solving the dilemma. Appeasement has never proven to be a successful venue for thoughtful and prudent solutions.
    I submit that the annexation issue is replete with variables which have not been addressed, evaluated or accounted for. The primary issue of a Theocracy in our midst goes unchallenged. Our forefathers created a nation which separated church and state. KJ violates that basic tenet of our political system on a daily basis. To ignore this issue is to provide the very framework of those who favor annexation. Saudia Arabia recently permitted women to drive automobiles while to my knowledge KJ does not permit women to do the same. KJ legislates clothing choices and suggests how visitors should be clothed. If 20,000 people of another faith established a municipality in Orange County which restricted behavior, bloc voted, denied due process and discouraged “outside” visitors and ignored existing mores ... what do you think would be the reaction?
    There is no doubt about the challenge that the Town of Palm Tree presents to Monroe and the rest of Orange County. However, plugging the dyke with a 10-year unsubstantiated moratorium does not solve the issue. First and foremost it is a Constitutional issue. Secondly, if one accepts the premise of a 10-year agreement then what follows should be a detailed plan to enforce and create solutions to the new dynamic. Water is being trucked into KJ daily. The sewerage system for the area is a risk; the infrastructure is going to be challenged with regard to road integrity, electricity capacity, green space, air quality and a host of other issues bleeding over to neighboring towns and the entire county.
    Where is a comprehensive plan to address of these concerns as well as the school district?
    The cost per taxpayer as explained is a false premise because it is not based upon future growth.
    Palm Tree is not isolated and will utilize arteries and social services. Hasidic LLCs have purchased building tracts in Monroe and other areas and they will continue to expand. The short term solution is intriguing but it only allows some to have a finite time to ultimately flee the area. Where are our leaders? Why is this not a national issue? The violation of Church and State separation is a paramount political tenet of our society.
    The arrogance of KJ and its minions speaks only to the lack of accountable leadership, apathetic and uninformed populace and a terrible local media who do not address the elephant in the room. The fear of property value depletion, the absence of altruism and the low quality of county leadership has placed our communities in a bind which can only be addressed in the stark reality of sacrifice.
    There are precedents in our history addressing Theocracy such as the regulation of the Mormon Church. All of our issues in truth rest upon the need to realize there is a higher conceptual premise ... we are dealing with an unconstitutional construct and until that is addressed not solution can truly by reached.
    Steve Zecher