Lettuce fight wasted food together

| 30 Nov 2017 | 06:00

For centuries food has served as more than just a source of survival. Whether it be the morning bagel and coffee shared amongst coworkers, the half-gallon of ice cream devoured during times of emotional distress or the smorgasbord of food laid upon the table during a potluck with friends, food remains at the epicenter of our lives.
Despite this shared dependency and yet unique relationship we each hold with food, U.S. households waste 76 billion pounds, or 238 pounds of food per person annually equating to a cost of $450 per person (ReFED Report).
Say hello to the food waste revolution. There are small changes that can make lasting impacts to the amount of food wasted in your household and save you money along the way:
• Shop wisely by planning meals and following a shopping list.
• Plan portions appropriately and save leftovers for meals throughout the week.
• Properly store or freeze food items to prevent them from spoiling.
• Visit Save the Food, a national campaign to reduce wasted food from households, to learn more about cooking with food you might otherwise waste, proper food storage and so much more.
What can you do?
• Implement small changes to reduce wasted food in your household.
• Spread the word on wasted food using the media toolkit provided by Save The Food campaign.
• Join the NYS Food Recovery Campaign
• Attend the fourth annual Organics Summit, March 27-28, 2018, in Poughkeepsie.
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation