'Let's finish the job and make history together'

| 19 Oct 2017 | 02:43

    United Monroe is a great example of people putting their national politics aside to work together locally for change.
    I joined this great group of people in early 2013 shortly after the Town Board, led by Sandy Leonard and Harley Doles, bought the movie theater for close to a million taxpayer dollars with no plan, no estimate for the cost of its operating expenses and no answers to the public's questions.
    The members of United Monroe soon realized that this board, elected by the KJ bloc votes, was not working for all of us.
    I attended the early gatherings run by Emily Convers in the back of Planet Pizza where we democratically formed United Monroe. The movement began with a lot of heart, a lot of volunteers, a lot of hard work and soon gained a lot of momentum. We grew and we grew.
    Today, we have reached the culmination of all of our hard work. All of our rallies, fund raising, campaigning, litigation, and with incredible heart, good intentions, and a positive message, we are now able to politically and peacefully separate from Kiryas Joel.
    On Nov. 7th, I will be voting "yes" on the back of my ballot on Referendum Number 4. Voting yes is a vote for separating and the formation of the Town of Palm Tree. I, along with my United Monroe family, have worked all of these years for our families, our schools and for our entire community. Our work has paid off. We have come to a solution to the drastic differences in our communities: two very separate communities who wish to live in two very different ways. Separation is a perfect solution.
    Join me on Nov. 7th in voting "yes" for KJ's separation, and vote row "I" on for the United Monroe candidates for Town Supervisor, Town Council and Town Justice. I've never been involved with a harder working, kinder, more passionate group of people than I am now. I am proud to call them my friends.
    Let's finish the job and make history together.
    Phil Gagler
    United Monroe Executive Committee