'Let's finish the job'

| 21 Sep 2017 | 01:40

    I have been a volunteer for United Monroe since after the election of 2013. Emily Convers had just loss to Harley Doles, entirely due to the KJ bloc vote. Outraged at these results and after seeing the chaos of Harley Doles' Town Board meetings, I wanted to do something to help. I am proud to say, I am now a member of the UM Executive Committee. I have never met a more passionate, giving, smart, kind and wonderful group of people in my life. The dedication shown by this volunteer organization is awe inspiring and I have been honored and privileged to work alongside people who I now consider to be like family.
    United Monroe started with the simple notion that in order to have any representation on our Town Board, we needed to become our very own bloc vote. We did it. United Monroe is a bloc vote to be reckoned with, thanks to all of those who have come out to vote for UM endorsed candidates in both town and school board elections.
    As a result of our bloc, and our annexation fight, we have created the leverage we needed to bring KJ to the negotiating table. Remember, KJ wanted to take 507 acres of land and annex it into their village, solely for the purpose of rezoning to high density housing.
    When we held that up, they wanted 164 acres. When we sued against that, they then filed a petition to separate.
    However, this time they wanted to take 382 acres of land with them.
    We said no.
    They came to the table to negotiate.
    The leaders of United Monroe, Emily Convers, Mike Egan, and John Allegro negotiated with KJ to take 56 acres in exchange for separating, and included a clause that protects the school district by redrawing the boundaries.
    In addition, they negotiated an end to annexation attempts for ten years.
    Personally, I'm in awe of all that UM has been able to accomplish. I am thankful that Monroe voters are informed and have helped to elect good leaders, people who have the same vision of Monroe as we do. In this election, we need to vote on November 7th to pass this separation referendum, and to elect the United Monroe candidates for town board and town justice.
    After five years, we finally have a chance to do this, so let's finish the job.
    Claire Meese