Laurie Tautel 'will do right by us in the county legislature'

| 26 Oct 2017 | 01:39

    Laurie Tautel, candidate for county legislature, may be a new name for many of my neighbors in Woodbury and Harriman. She, however, is someone whose ethics are beyond reproach, is a hard worker and has worked hand-in-hand with me on all of our community's major issues as my chief of staff.
    I won't write anything negative about her opponent despite his propensity to do so about others as a political party chairman. Laurie is a down-to-earth, good person who will serve our community well and with the highest integrity. Working in my office and by my side, she knows the issues, has fought for us both at a constituent-level and state-level and will be able to hit the ground running as our county legislator.
    You live in the district Laurie's running in if you reside anywhere in Harriman, east of Route 32 in Central Valley (the outlet mall side of the road), or in the parts of Highland Mills that attend Cornwall schools (Skyline/Valley Forge/etc).
    I ask that you please consider giving Laurie Tautel your vote this November 7th - she'll do right by us in the county legislature.
    James Skoufis
    Member of Assembly