Jim Purcell has put the interest of Monroe in the forefront

| 15 Mar 2018 | 03:47

    James Purcell has shown in many ways that he has the abilities, desire and leadership skills required to continue in his current position of mayor of Monroe.
    As mayor, Jim Purcell has instituted several community minded activities to include, but are not limited to, a vibrant revitalization of our downtown from the new sidewalks and concrete bulkheads at the lakes, the placing of decorations during the holiday season and the new traffic devices throughout the village.
    Also, he has implemented community events such as the summertime concerts in the park and the resurrection of the village’s annual carnival.
    Jim’s vast experience in the last eight years and deep understanding of the issues in our community‘s economic, financial and growth make him an excellent candidate for an additional four years.
    As we progress as a village, I personally believe that Jim Purcell has put the interest of Monroe in the forefront and shall continue to.
    Ask yourself: Has the village improved within the last eight years?
    I believe so.
    I urge you to re-elect Mayor James Purcell.
    Edward P. Brandon