Irene Conklin: ‘It would be an honor to continue my service with this board for all of you’

| 07 Sep 2020 | 07:34

    My name is Irene Conklin. I am a lifelong resident in the village of Monroe. I have been married to my husband Dave for 31 years and we have raised our three children in this amazing community.

    I have been a bus driver for Monroe-Woodbury for 20 years and the president of M-W CSEA for 12.

    I am seeking re-election so our board and I can:

    To continue to work on the ever changing traffic issues and find a long-term solution.

    To continue to preserve our municipal resources such as water and sewer.

    To find a balance between green space and smart growth that would add value to our village.

    To continue to renew old infrastructure without interruption to everyday life.

    Lastly, I believe maintaining a healthy quality of life is crucial for our families. We have a true gem in Monroe and it is the Village.

    We have an amazing park and ponds. The board has been negotiating the dredging of the millponds to allow for better flow and oxygenation.

    We need to add purpose to Crane Park for our children things like bike rentals, artificial ice and a splash pad, outdoor plays and picnics.

    We will introduce a way to deal with the over populated geese.

    I want our families to enjoy our great outdoors.

    It would be an honor to continue my service with this board for all of you.

    Thank you.

    Irene Conklin