Every man, every woman

| 30 Nov 2017 | 06:01

    Not every man batters, rapes or abuses women.
    Yet every woman lives under the Damoclesian Sword
    Of potential battery, rape or abuse by man.
    “Not by me,” you may say, but which of us can say
    That he has treated every woman as he would
    Have his mother, sister, wife or daughter treated?
    I know that, in truth, I cannot. Yet every woman
    Is somebody’s mother, sister, wife or daughter
    And every man is, at least, some mother’s son.

    Every man is half of every woman and
    Every woman is half of every man in that
    The two are the whole that creates the infinite number.
    For one half of the whole to injure the other
    Is to do itself a mischief and to damage the whole.
    Treat every woman as you would have
    Your mother, sister, wife or daughter treated.
    To do otherwise is to cause grievous harm to humanity.
    Douglas Taylor
    Highland Mills