'Enough is enough'

| 21 Sep 2017 | 01:40

    Come November it is highly likely we will have a completely new Town Board in place and we'll have the Town of Palm Tree as our neighbors.
    As of now the United Monroe slate is running unopposed, as is Councilman Colon.
    There is some talk of a write-in campaign for The Protect Monroe party, but with the current political climate it is highly unlikely that they'll make a significant impact.
    Politics is a "contact sport" where one must never let their guard down, and I'm sure that is why UM is continuing to campaign vigorously through Election Day - I understand this.
    I respect their organizational skills, their attention to detail, their political savvy but most of all their use of social media, which they've used superbly to harness their political clout.
    What I don't understand, though, is the continued personal attacks - mostly through social media - against our current "lame-duck" supervisor, who happens to not only be the town supervisor, but a husband and father.
    Yes, Mr. Doles implanted himself into this fray and he's probably guilty of some of the same tactics himself, but enough is enough.
    In the past I have called out Mr. Doles more then most and I have respectfully disagreed with him on numerous occasions in the public forum, either in this paper or at our local town meetings. I've questioned his decisions, his leadership style and, yes, his sometimes arrogant approach to governing. But if the current acrimonious trend continues after he leaves office, everyone and anyone who disagrees with the political "social media elite" could very well find themselves in the same situation as Mr. Doles.
    Tom Lapolla