David Sutz for Woodbury Town Supervisor

| 12 Oct 2017 | 05:42

    This November, we have a decision to make about whom will best lead all Woodbury residents in these challenging times facing our community.
    I feel that person is David Sutz.
    David has well demonstrated his commitment to Woodbury and provides the managerial excellence required.
    His experience cannot be questioned, as David has given service to Woodbury as village trustee for six years and town supervisor since 2016.
    As a successful owner of a business franchise, he has significant experience with budgetary process, and supports and promotes business growth for our town. He has fought to preserve Woodbury from annexation. David understands the challenges of our families and works diligently and with skill to improve quality of life in Woodbury.
    He will continue to do so in a fiscally responsible and efficient manner.
    David’s concern and love for this community is beyond reproach. He and his wife Maria have raised their family here for the last 26 years, and have devoted both professional and personal time to helping people. David remains an active member of our volunteer ambulance corp. I have seen first hand his compassion and leadership qualities in an emergency situation. This is a decent person I trust to continue to place Woodbury and its citizens first.
    Hopeful all our residents come out and vote on November 7, I ask you to consider David Sutz, for Woodbury town supervisor to continue all his fine efforts on our behalf.
    Tom Bompensiero
    Central Valley