David McMillen announces his bid to be running for Tuxedo Town Supervisor as a Republican

Tuxedo /
| 02 Jun 2021 | 11:02

    Hello, Tuxedo residents.

    My name is David McMillen and I have been honored to be your Tuxedo Councilperson for the past seven years.

    Prior to be appointed to fill a vacancy on the Town Board, I spent three years as a member of your Planning Board.

    As I am nearing the end of my second term as Councilperson, I had planned on stepping away from public service, but after much consideration, have instead decided to run for Supervisor.

    Due to my experience level and vast knowledge of our town and its government, along with a full understanding of the issues we face in Tuxedo looking ahead, it seems to me that this is the next logical step. I feel I have earned the privilege to run for that office after spending the last seven years as a council member.

    I have worked very hard over the years to help get Tuxedo back on track financially and positioned to actually be able to make realistic decisions to carve out a robust future for our great town.

    I do not want to leave the Board without accomplishing the originally planned mission of substantially growing the town’s population (Tuxedo Farms) as well as making Tuxedo attractive to commercial enterprise.

    Over the last two years, that plan has been put on hold largely due to lack of experience in our current leadership and the initial vision of making Tuxedo “open for business” has been drastically diluted and focused on much different priorities.

    The current leadership feels that they must also run the town hall office like a “sweatshop” and have completely removed the work life balance structure from existence which is a critical component of retaining quality employees.

    Another concern is the amount of taxpayer dollars that are spent on consultants. It seems that the current leadership can’t make any decisions without engaging a paid consultant for nearly every matter because of their inexperience.

    I have created a video on my campaign website at http://dave4tuxedo.com that outlines my concerns as well as my plans for moving Tuxedo past the muck and mire of bloated government administration.

    I do not wish to be a career public servant, but as I said earlier, there is much work left undone, and I need your vote in the Republican primary on June 22 to enable me to get on the ballot for the general election.

    If you could please give me a few minutes of your time and review this video I would greatly appreciate it.

    Best regards,

    Dave McMillen