Celebrating the spirit, bravery and adventure of Christopher Columbus’

| 12 Oct 2020 | 03:19

    Today (Oct. 12) we celebrate the discovery of America. Christopher Columbus set out to sail the seas to discover new land. In so doing, he proved the earth was round.

    No one could have imagined 528 years ago the shores he landed on would become the center of freedom, innovation, progress and hope they have become today.

    The first Columbus Day celebration was held by Tammany Hall in 1792 to mark the 300th anniversary of Columbus’ landing. In the years to come, America would grow into the greatest country in the world. Columbus’ spirit of exploration is the fuel that drives our country forward.

    The history of Christopher Columbus is falling victim to cancel culture. In many places it has been renamed. Doing so takes away the meaning of the history we note and celebrate.

    Historical moments serve as time markers of how we evolve toward a more perfect union. We need to celebrate them and learn from them, not erase them.

    Join me in celebrating the spirit, bravery and adventure of Christopher Columbus.

    Chele Farley

    Candidate for Congress