Bruce Robert Furbeck: 'Justice for all of us'

| 19 Oct 2017 | 02:44

    I am endorsing Bruce Robert Furbeck for Town of Monroe Justice. Bruce is a problem solver, bringing to the court experience needed to be fair and impartial dealing with all people in our community. He will be independent having no prior involvement in town government.
    Bruce retired from State Police after years of dedicated service and experience as a trooper to Zone Sergeant. He had dealt with people of all walks of life, treating all fairly and impartial.
    Bruce has acquired in depth knowledge of the law and courts. Bruce as Community Stabilization member worked with the public to resolve their concerns.
    Town of Monroe has no police force. Bruce will have that important immediate working relationship with State Police.
    Being a Town of Monroe Justice requires availability beyond normal hours. Bruce being retired will fulfill requirement.
    Bruce was a member of Gov. Andrew Cumo’s security detail 2010-2014. He guarded governor, he will guard us as a Town of Monroe Justice.
    Since retiring from State Police Bruce is a Monroe-Woodbury Bus Driver. We trust Bruce with our precious children. We should trust Bruce to be fair and impartial.
    Bruce as a Monroe Fire Department volunteer for 30 dedicated years responded to our emergencies, helping us in time of need.
    I have known Bruce and his family since 1974. From that very beginning Bruce was determined to make a difference in peoples’ lives.
    On Nov. 7 vote for and elect Bruce Robert Furbeck Town of Monroe Justice for all of us.
    Frank Eppinger