Audra Schwartz requests your vote as Monroe Town Justice

| 13 Oct 2017 | 02:43

    I am excited to announce that I am running for Monroe Town Justice and will be on the ballot on the United Monroe line on November 7th.
    My sincere thanks to the United Monroe volunteers who obtained signatures on my behalf and to the Monroe residents that signed my petitions.
    We filed roughly 1,450 signatures with the Board of Elections – far more than the 541 signatures required to place me on the ballot.
    To the volunteers - I truly appreciate your hard work and dedication.
    To all Monroe residents that signed my petitions - I am honored to have your support.
    I also want to thank the Town of Monroe Democratic Committee for its encouragement and endorsement.
    When my husband and I moved here 15 years ago with our two young boys, we immediately recognized all that Monroe offers – a charming downtown area, excellent school system, caring and friendly residents, and beautiful neighborhoods surrounded by lakes and mountains.
    We quickly got our boys involved in recreational sports and other community activities and I realized I wanted to be involved as well. Monroe is a special place and I wanted to find a way to be part of its positive future.
    I volunteered as a member of the Town of Monroe Conservation Commission for the next five years - until I was asked to serve on the Town of Monroe Planning Board.
    I’ve been a member of the Planning Board for more than seven years and I’ve served as chairperson for the past year.
    If elected, I will bring to the Town Justice position my dedication to our community, as well as 23 years of experience as a practicing attorney and litigator.
    I also believe that the management and administrative skills that I have gained running my own law practice and the Planning Board will greatly benefit the Court.
    Additionally, since I own my own practice and largely practice out of my home office, I have the flexibility to be available when needed as Town Justice.
    As many know from my time as Planning Board chairperson, when I take on a town position, I commit whole-heartedly to the task and do what is required to do the job well.
    Again, thank you to everyone who helped get me on the ballot. I humbly ask all Monroe residents for their vote on November 7th.
    If you would like to learn more about me, my qualifications and my commitment to the Monroe community, please visit my Facebook page, Elect Audra Schwartz @AudraForJustice.
    Audra Schwartz