An alternative view of sign symbolism

| 20 Jul 2020 | 11:10

    Regarding the controversy of the Warwick Raymond Hose Company article in last week’s newspaper, I simply cannot fathom how the message is either political or racist; i.e., unless one wishes to erroneously infer and frame it as such.

    Honoring the flag, supporting police or bowing before a supreme being are beliefs held dearly and fought for by Americans even before the country was founded.

    School children across the nation stand before the flag and pledge allegiance every morning before class.

    Thousands of service personnel at military installations around the world stand and salute the flag at each workday’s end as the flag is lowered and Taps played; a military ceremony called Retreat.

    We see thousands of Americans stand and salute the flag at sporting events every weekend.

    Granted, a few players, here and there may not, a right granted by the freedoms represented by the flag.

    Some people may not realize, whether they like it or not, we all support police via our taxes. Unfortunately, we see every night on the evening news what happens in cities where police are not supported: looting, destruction and general anarchy reigns.

    According to a Gallop poll, greater than three quarters of Americans were polled as belonging to a religious group.

    Can the deeply held customs and belief in a safe society, secure country and respect for a supreme being be political and racist?

    I think not.

    William E. Lemanski

    Tuxedo Park