A tale of two representatives

| 01 Feb 2023 | 11:25

    I recently had the opportunity to meet my two state representatives.

    While in Albany I was able to shake hands with my State Senator, James Skoufis, as he passed me in the corridors of the Legislative Office Building, asking him if he supported COVID vaccine mandates for children in order for them to attend school. Unfortunately Mr. Skoufis, who by the way was only re-elected by a very slim margin of one percent of the vote, would not stop to speak with me – a constituent.

    Now to be perfectly fair, Mr. Skoufis may have been in a hurry and he may not have recognized me as a constituent either as there was an ongoing political event opposing these vaccine mandates, but then again, he may have left his political courage in his office as well. So, Mr. Skoufis, once again, will you respect parental rights and oppose all COVID vaccine mandates imposed on students so that they may attend school without receiving this inoculation?

    Now I recognize that there is no proposed regulation at this time that would impose this burden, but considering Governor Hocul’s call to apostleship to follow “the gospel of COVID,” I figured I would be proactive and pose these question to my state representatives, sooner rather than later, as these vaccines, contrary to what Dr. Fauci frightens us into believing, are certainly not necessary for children and could quite possibly do more harm than any good.

    And then most recently I met with my new State Assemblyman in his office, Chris Eachus. Now for those who always protest that their vote does not count, Mr. Eachus would certainly disagree as he won by a mere eight votes. But he was more than willing to listen to a constituent who did not vote for him, and I would say he was more than cordial and our conversation was very productive. We discussed the potential complications if COVID vaccine mandates were to be imposed on school children, and although I did not receive a definitive reply as to where he stood on this issue, he did however acknowledge my concerns.

    We also discussed what few people are aware of, quarantine camps. Originally introduced in the Assembly, but eventually pulled from the legislative docket due to strong opposition from an informed citizenry, as it would have been political folly to pursue during a very contentious and close election cycle. So, Governor Hocul shrewdly did an end run around the state constitution and the legislative process by surreptitiously implementing it as a health regulation, using the bureaucratic machine of the Department of Health, thankfully only to have it stricken down by the courts.

    Unfortunately, that is not the end of the story, as our politically motivated Attorney General, Letitia James, is already now preparing an appeal. I encourage all New Yorker’s to become familiar with this draconian regulation which would detain its citizens based on what some state bureaucrat determines to be a communicable disease which is “potentially dangerous to the public health.”

    And then ask yourself one simple question, if any member of the Hocul family gets infected with a disease which would force anyone of us into these camps, would they also be detained as well, in fact would Governor Hocul detain herself if she also became infected?

    So, I am now respectfully requesting that both of my state representatives not only oppose any bills that usurp parental rights when it comes to COVID vaccine mandates for school children, but that they also vigorously oppose any and all attempts to implement any quarantine camp system, as this would be reminiscent of the many evils witnessed throughout all of human history.

    Tom Lapolla