A Pyrrhic Victory

| 05 Oct 2017 | 02:00

    A Pyrrhic Victory is a “victory” that inflicts a devastating toll on the victor. In other words, it is a “victory” that is not worth what it costs to achieve.
    The residents of Monroe are heading towards such a “victory” while being told by United Monroe and their hand-picked Town Board what a paradise Monroe will soon be once Palm Tree is formed.
    Town Councilmen Cardone, McGinn, and Colon scheduled two “informational hearings” regarding the proposed all religious/Hasidic Town of Palm Tree. Mike McGinn will be the “moderator.” The Town Board members have made it clear that questions are to be submitted in advance, complete with deadlines, and information seekers will be encouraged not to “comment,” merely to ask questions.
    Let’s call these info sessions what they really are- propaganda sessions. All the questions will be screened beforehand, and comment is discouraged. Mike McGinn, the moderator, said that after the pre screened questions were asked, they would entertain non screened questions. He said this right before he, along with Councilmen Cardone and Colon, voted to adjourn the September 25th Town Board meeting before public comment as they resented comments from Supervisor Doles and Councilman McQuade, and didn't want to hear from people like me.
    Suffice it to say, I doubt there will be “time” to entertain non screened questions and comments.
    These “informational” sessions are not geared for giving information. Their purpose is to make people comfortable with Palm Tree, to make people feel good about it. Cardone, McGinn, Colon and their backers in United Monroe want people to feel that Palm Tree is a good idea.
    That is all United Monroe wants, as the “fix is in.”
    Palm Tree will pass whether people “on this side of the Quickway” vote no or not. Palm Tree has the Village of KJ bloc and the KJ Alliance bloc behind it.
    That means it will pass.
    I’m sorry to present such a bleak scenario, and to sound so cynical, but once the Orange County Legislature voted to move Palm Tree to referendum, they assured it would pass. It doesn't matter what the non-Hasidic population thinks in this situation, as KJ Village and KJ Alliance have the votes to make Palm Tree happen.
    This was never about choice or our right to vote. It is about United Monroe giving KJ what they want.
    What's in it for United Monroe? Well, for one thing, the leaders won't be sued by Gedalye Szegedin. It also assures the election of the United Monroe candidates with the KJ Alliance behind them. United Monroe will control everything as long as the KJ Alliance is behind them, which they will be until they have a falling out, or find a group which will give them even more than preferential zoning and accessory apartments.
    United Monroe wants desperately to get rid of Doles and McQuade, which is irrational because United Monroe already controls the Planning, Zoning, and Town boards in Monroe. However, hatred isn't rational. United Monroe will finish the job, and will claim complete and total victory.
    A Pyrrhic Victory.
    Kathryn Troiano