Why is Calhoun getting involved in local vs. state issues?

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:47

    On Aug. 23, I attended Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun’s “Town Hall” meeting at the town hall in Blooming Grove. I expected to hear about her accomplishments for the past 20 years and what she is going to do for the 96th Assembly district. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Ms. Calhoun didn’t answer questions. She was running the clock complaining about Albany (where she has been for 20 years); the stipend she has been getting for the past 20 years while new Assembly members get more; and talking about local issues, which are best addressed by the Town Board. What should concern the voters of the 96th Assembly District is the lack of accomplishments in the past 20 years, and Ms. Calhoun’s views regarding unemployment and school taxes. Ms. Calhoun stated that unemployed workers are taking advantage of unemployment benefits and staying home to watch soap operas; and school taxes are high because the schools purchase expensive shoulder pads (for football) at $200 each; expensive t-shirts and renting expensive buses for trips. So unemployed workers are to blame for the high unemployment because they are lazy -not the corporations sending our jobs overseas for cheap labor and CEOs putting more money in their pockets? So the parents are to blame for supporting sports activities for their children and schools purchasing quality equipment to protect our children? During the public comment section of the Town Board meeting, Ms. Calhoun questioned why the Town Board voted for two employees to be able to take town vehicles home and get reimbursement for mileage/insurance/fuel. During Ms. Calhoun’s tenure as supervisor the same benefits applied to three town employees; also Ms. Calhoun has a state car which the taxpayers are subsidizing. Again, why is she getting involved in local issues? Why isn’t she working on behalf of the Town of Blooming Grove to put pressure in Albany to revoke the $17,000 that we pay for MTA taxes? It’s time for the 96th Assembly District to have a community activist with a record of reform - not a politician. She will work to restore fiscal sanity and competence to state government. She has a proven track record of getting things done. You will have an opportunity to vote for such a person on Nov. 2 - County Legislator Roxanne Donnery. Sonia Ayala Blooming Grove