Why I support Roxanne Donnery

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:30

    County Legislator Roxanne Donnery, a Democrat, worked very closely with Frank Fornario, a Republican, when they were both in the County Legislature. Together they worked to fight for us on a number of issues and their bipartisan working relationship is what we need more of from our elected representatives. Together Roxanne and Frank took on the seemingly impossible task of convincing the rest of their colleagues to move forward on litigation to stop the KJ Pipeline. The Legislature voted 20-1 in favor of the lawsuit. Her opposition to this pipeline was based on her concerns for the environment, the financial burden that this pipeline would place on the users of the Orange County Sewer District and the impact on the downstream users of the Ramapo River who use that river as a source of water. Roxanne not only talks about her objectives, she actually works to accomplish them. She is exactly what we need in Albany today representing the 96th Assembly District - an honest, people first, fiscally responsible and environmentally aware representative. She is a representative who will fight for all of us. It is time for a change. Vote for Roxanne Donnery on Nov. 2, 2010. Robert A. Fromaget Blooming Grove