What are you most looking forward to doing as soon as the snow has melted?

| 22 Feb 2012 | 05:06

    We asked readers in all of our nine Straus newspapers to tell us what they could not wait to do once the snow melts. We received answers from across the territory, some who told us their hometowns and some who didn’t. Here is a selection of what your neighbors have been waiting all winter to do. First-graders from Hilltop Country Day School in Sparta, N.J. I am going to the park. — James B. I am going to ride my bike. — Zachary P. I want to find big fat rocks so I can make a pyramid. — Ethan H. I want to go to my friends house to jump on the trampoline. — Caroline D. I want to go to my lake and catch frogs and lizards. — Lindsey W. I am going to plant fruits, watch the clouds and have a pool party. — Sabrina I. I am going to play on my playground. — Ethan W. I am going swimming and I am going to play basketball. — Panwen R. I am going to play ball! — Brendan M. Flowers I’m looking forward to getting my hands nice and dirty in my flower beds. — Tammy Smith Geocaching As soon as this snow is gone, we are going Geocaching with the new GPS that we got for Christmas. — The Serringer Family Gardening My husband and I recently bought a home in Hewitt after living in a condo for many years. When the snow melts I am most looking forward to starting my own vegetable garden. — Kristin Bersis More snow As soon as the snow has all melted, I look forward to some new fresh clean snow. I have been working for DPW for 28 years, and we can get snow right up to the middle of April. You have to enjoy snow, it’s very peaceful, and you can’t believe how quiet it is at 2 o’clock in the morning, when it is snowing, you can almost hear the flakes hit the ground. — Bob Fargo, Lafayette, N.J. Party time I’m most looking forward to my brother Jeff’s annual “When will winter be over” party. We each bring something to share for snacks, a meal, drinks and games. This year we have a new baby in our group to celebrate, born Feb. 7, 2011, Shea Lilianna Jean. — Linda Christiansen, West Milford, N.J. Morning daylight I am looking forward to coming home around 6 p.m. and playing a few holes of golf and not shoveling snow. — David Mellina, Warwick Cheerful crocuses Crocuses are one of the first signs of spring and also a reminder of my grandmother who loved them. I am most looking forward to watching them bloom outside the front window when the snow melts. They are so cheerful that I’ve planted them every place I’ve lived, except Hawaii. — Anne Ammann, Sparta, N.J. A clean trunk Once the snow melts, the first thing I must do is steam clean the carpet in the trunk of my car. Every Christmas I make home made eggnog for all my relatives and friends. I load up my trunk and distribute it when the weather allows me to travel. A glass container of eggnog, broke in the trunk. There actually wasn’t a bad odor until the temperature started to rise. The smell of rotten eggs, even engulfed in alcohol, is not appealing. Next Christmas, new rule: No glass containers. And, sorry, I will not give out my recipe for home made eggnog. — Kellie Zimmermann, Greenwood Lake Hiking I want to go hiking with my Boy Scout Troop #88! That’s what I look forward to most! — R.D. Cocchio Swimming After the snow melts away, I can’t wait to have a Bonsi play date and do cannon balls in the pool. — Daniel DeRosa, Goshen The great outdoors I can’t wait until all the snow melts because I really want to take my little ones outside to play in the grass. — Carla Henckel, Sussex, N.J. Bicycling I’m looking forward to doing is some long bicycle trips through Harriman and Bear Mountain state parks. — Sandy McGrady, Tuxedo Park Exploring nature Because we just moved to Sparta in November, I cannot wait for the snow to melt so I can take my five kids on bike rides to discover and explore all the beautiful places in this township with them. — Kristina Ailara Hiking the township I recently purchased “A Bakers Dozen” by Don Weise which outlines 13 of the best hikes in West Milford. Once the snow melts I plan to become a “West Milford 13er!” — Jon Regan, West Milford, N.J. Freedom When all this snow has finally melted I plan on taking off my clothes. — Paul Tramontozzi, Chester Biking with dad As soon as the snow has all melted, I look forward to taking out my new bike that I got for Christmas on the McDade Trail with my dad. — Alec Brown, Milford, Pa. Poetry for spring How happy I will be when my dog is finally free of having frozen feet in the snow Children romp in the snow but I can’t wait for it to go so the daffodils can grow in my garden the sun is getting warmer spring is just around the corner we are waiting in the window preparing for the date We love the four seasons which provides many reasons for us to apprreciate the sun..BUT thank you God goodbye snow To spring we say hello At last we can have fun in the sun — Marguerite D. Hansen from Warwick