Tuxedo Recreation Department makes ice skating stress free

| 22 Feb 2012 | 04:48

Tuxedo - On Sunday, Jan. 17, Supervisor Peter Dolan along with the Town of Tuxedo Recreation Department presented town residents with their own ice skating rink. With a little ingenuity and a lot of cement, a permanent ice skating rink was constructed at what is known as the Powerhouse property in Tuxedo. “The days of worrying about cracking ice and spring holes are over,” Dolan said. The residents enjoyed relay races, skating to piped-in music, hot chocolate and the warmth of a campfire. Recreation Director Shari Brooks described the event as a Norman Rockwell moment: “On a long, cold and winter day all the town’s people were able to forget about politics, taxes that are due, and the ongoing tragedies that surround us,” she said.,” Come spring, the 60-foot by 90-foot cement rink will convert to a basketball court, making it an “all season” structure, Dolan said. The project cost approximately $22,000, which includes the basketball court accessories.