The Grace Episcopal Church

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:45

Historian, Town of Monroe The Grace Episcopal Church of Monroe had its origins from St. John's at Greenwood (now Arden). Rev. Charles Babcock was the rector of St. John's at the time the Monroe church was formed, under his direction, with the rights of the Protestant Episcopal Church in 1868. Prior to the construction of their own building, services would be held first in the Presbyterian Church on Stage Rd. and then the Methodist Church on Maple Ave. The church was built on the corner of North Main St. and Forest Rd in 1868 & 1869 at total cost of $1,600, two years before the church was incorporated. Charles and Elizabeth Babcock deeded the land for the church on May 8, 1871. The bell was added in 1871, covered by a roof at the front of the church. Rev. Henry A. Dows was the first minister of this newly built church. In 1903 the church was remodeled, improved, and enlarged by adding the present sanctuary. More improvements were made to the building in 1949, and in 1950 a new parish room and kitchen were added. Over the years more additions and improvements have been made to this church including a church school. Sister Anna Roche leases part of the church and conducts a Montessori school on the premises. Over the years the priest in Monroe would also serve other churches including Monroe, Arden and Chester. In later years it would be Monroe, Chester and Washingtonville. The present priest Father Andrew Wright serves only in Monroe. The church has served this community for over 130 years. You can plainly see the old church in the middle by comparing the early 1900 photograph with the photograph taken April 20.