Play ball

| 29 Mar 2018 | 01:55

CHESTER — The Crusaders scrimmaged the Mounties of Suffern High School on a cold raw Tuesday afternoon at the Rock Sports Complex in Chester.
The Crusaders finally got to get outside after weeks of indoor practice due to the weather and their snow-covered field.
The young Monroe-Woodbury team looked a little rusty against a strong Suffern team but as the scrimmage progressed they began to warm to the task.
This years' Crusader team is a young talented group of athletics who are looking to take the next step and capture the Section 9 title for the first time many years.
The Crusaders are returning eight players with at least some varsity experience from last year and have brought up another seven from last year's JV team.
With starting pitcher Samantha Ryan returning to the mound, and solid fielding from Arianna Mahran and Victoria Borowski, combined with the power of Emma Lawson, Madison McGee and Jessica O’Brien, the Crusaders should be set to make another run into the playoffs this year.
- William Dimmit