Puppets pull the strings to delight kids at Monroe Library

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:48

    MONROE- In this age of fast moving electronic entertainment, can you possibly interest children in the age-old art of storytelling through puppetry? At the Monroe Free Library on July 21, the Robert Rogers Puppet Company had young library patrons more than entertained. They were enthralled by the antics of the large, colorful puppets. Amid squeals of laughter, a crowd of over 40 children with their parents watched the unfolding "Legend of Pecos Bill." This Old West folktale of the heroic cowboy raised from babyhood by coyotes had all the broad humor and slapstick that children love. The plot moved so quickly it was difficult to believe that only one puppeteer was responsible. After the show, the puppeteer, Robert Rogers, moved in front of the portable stage to let the audience members feel and examine the two foot high rubber and cloth puppets. Children were very excited at this chance to "touch the magic." Robert Rogers has always been fascinated by the world of puppetry. His parents brought him to see some of the world's greatest puppet theater companies while these troupes were on tour in our country. A graduate of NYU and the University of Iowa, Rogers builds his own puppets. His puppet company has toured the world, entertaining families from Beijing, China, to Prague, Czech Republic, as well as across the United States. A puppet show is a traditional means for children to share in our American heritage, said Rebecca Lynn, head of Children's Services at Monroe Free Library, "They're learning the culture in a fun way." The presentation was part of the library's Summer Reading Program. The summer fun's not over yet at the library. "We're looking forward to more exciting programs, such as the magic act next month," added Mrs. Lynn.