‘Not enough pages in this paper to list the names of all who helped'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:43

    On the 4th of July my husband was gravely injured in a motorcycle accident which resulted in the loss of his right leg amongst other injuries. On that day our lives changed forever and I knew that there would be a long and challenging road ahead of us. However, by the grace of God, a town in which we have lived for only six years, the Town of Woodbury came together as a loving community in an endeavor to support my husband and our family during this challenging time. My wonderful friends from Woodbury rallied up residents from all our neighboring towns and spread the word of a family in need. The response was unfathomable. Donations and food were being sent to us daily and offers of assistance in all capacities were extended by our entire community. Words cannot begin to express our gratitude to everyone. There are not enough pages in this paper to list the names of all those who helped. The fund raiser on Aug. 20 was one of the most beautiful and heart-felt gestures that I have ever had the honor to partake in. But the surreal part of it was that you were all there for us. Friends, family, neighbors and even strangers (turned friends) attended to encourage Anthony’s recovery and show us that we were not alone. Those who could not attend rallied up donations and sent representatives to hand us the envelopes and show their support. The influx of checks to the Friends of Anthony Fund have been overwhelming and I am in awe when I read some these cards that were written to our family from people who I have never had the pleasure of meeting. This is a prime example of the good in this world and in its people - people you may meet while shopping, or at the gym or on line at the supermarket. Who would have ever thought that these people, who were strangers at first, could have impacted my life to such magnitude? I am truly touched. I hold each and everyone one of you close to my heart and will be forever grateful to what has been referred to as a “small town” and all of its altruistic residents, who have shown us the utmost love and support a neighbor could ever ask for. A heart-felt thank you from your friends and neighbors, Keren and Anthony Favia Highland Mills