‘No false promises, no gimmicks'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:36

    New York Uprising, former New York City Mayor Edward Koch’s effort to reform Albany, is looking for “Heroes.” Senators from both parties have signed onto his contract looking to score quick political points. But these are the same politicians who have blocked reform for decades. Just look at the list of “heroes:” It includes Democratic Sen. Pedro Espada, who has been accused of siphoning $14 million from his Bronx-based health clinic into his own pockets and Republican Senators supporters of former Senate Majority Leader and convicted criminal Joe Bruno, who abused his office for his own financial gain. Why would they honor these pledges after Election Day? Ed Koch is right. We need independent redistricting that doesn’t disenfranchise voters. We need a major revamping of our broken budget system. And we need ethics reform that calls for full financial disclosure by politicians. But it’s not good enough to sign a “contract” during an election and pretend you’ve served the people. Although nice in headlines, this contract will amount to another list of broken promises. I’m Harley Doles, candidate for New York State Senate in the 39th District. I’m ready to reform Albany without resorting to false promises and gimmicks. Harley Doles Councilman/Acting Supervisor- Town of Monroe Candidate for 39th State Senate