Monroe's ballot includes highway superintendent's race

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:16

    MONROE - The Town of Monroe Highway Superintendent is the only local political office on the ballot in Tuesday’s election. James Gulick is running on the Republican ticket. Charles Mancuso will be on the Conservative ballot. It has been an especially quiet campaign for this $70,000 position. Other than signs littering the streets, there has not been any outward campaigning by either candidate. Politicians have been trying to get people out to vote after the big upset in the September primary when Gulick, running against another Republican Frank Beams, walked off with a 934-519 vote win. Gulick received 700 votes from town residents living in the Village of Kiryas Joel. Two line items Monroe voters also will be asked to approve two major budgets that the town collects the money for but has no say in the spending: The Monroe Free Library is asking voters to approve a $1.1 million budget, a $66,656 increase over last year. Voters will be voting for the first time on the Monroe Joint Fire District. That figure is $1.6 million.