Monroe Town Board tackles a variety of issues

| 22 Feb 2012 | 05:15

    MONROE - The Monroe Town Board tackled a variety of issues at its meeting this week: Spring clean up The annual Spring clean up will kick off at St. Anastasia’s parking lot at 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 30. The town’s Dial-A-Bus will transport volunteers to different area pick-ups. The clean-up crews consist of church, sports, school, and scouting groups. Anyone who is interested in cleaning up their own neighborhood street can sign up with other volunteers at St. Anastasia’s that morning. Ridgetop development The town has released a $50,000 bond for Ridgetop, a new 34-housing development, on Hilltop and Orchard Drive, based on an agreement with the developer, Makan Construction. The company agreed to install approximately 350 feet of water lines, along with a bubbler, in Water District No. 8, where the new homes are located. This agreement stemmed from the developer cutting down all the trees on the site for this proposed development. Noise and garbage A Neptune Drive homeowner sought help from the town board regarding noise and garbage complaints. Larry Ortel said he and other neighbors have asked the offending neighbor to stop the loud music played on a boom box late at night and to cover his trash cans which are overstuffed and uncovered, to no avail. Ortel was advised to contact the building code enforcer to register a complaint about the garbage and the state police regarding the noise issue.