Monroe Free Library referendum to be delayed until February 2005

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:49

    Monroe-The Monroe Town Board reconvened for its town meeting Monday, after a brief hiatus. The tone of the meeting was strictly informational. Although some remarks were addressed, there was no official time slated for public comment. The Monroe Library referendum is now anticipated during a special election in February 2005. There was not enough time to place it on the November ballot. Supervisor Sandy Leonard expressed her discontent with the referendum, citing that the town had already spent what she considered excessive funds on the issue and still had invoices of approximately $12,000 awaiting approval. Councilwoman Lori Currier Woods indicated that she and Councilman Jim Rogers have been working very hard on this issue and that the special election was in order. Attorney Kevin Dowd provided an update on the Kiryas Joel annexation issue. Currently there are 17 parcels of land, approximately 100 acres, whose owners are petitioning for annexation to the Village of Kiryas Joel. Residents will be notified when a joint public hearing is scheduled to address this matter. Attorney Dowd also briefly discussed Local Law I4 of 2004, which deals with amending the town code with regards to storm water detention and retention ponds. Specifically, this law will provide standards for designing, constructing, performance and maintenance of these ponds. A public hearing on this issue is scheduled for Sept. 27. The board gave the go ahead to purchase 19 acres at Faber Farms, around the end of Mombasha Lake. This purchase will allow for the preservation of town history and protect the water shed. Although the town is taking this as municipal land and intends to use it as park land, it was noted that this may change depending on future town boards. The town engineer advised the board that he had requested two grants to address local road issues. If approved, these grants will be used for the installation of a traffic light on 208 at Orange and Rockland Lakes Road, and a service road parallel to 17, from Larken Drive West to 208. Supervisor Leonard announced that the Orange County Hazardous Waste Day, for small businesses, schools, government agencies and farmers, has been scheduled to take place Friday, Oct. 1. In order to participate, pre-registration must have been completed no later than April 16. Personal households will have Hazardous Waste Day on the following Saturday, Oct. 2 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Fire Training Center in New Hampton. Call 800-328-4808 for additional information. The town hall will be closed on Monday, Sept. 6 in observance of Labor Day. The next town board meeting is scheduled for Sept. 13. Meeting cancellations: • Master Plan Update Committee meeting was cancelled for Thursday, Sept. 2. • Planning Board meeting scheduled for Sept. 14 was an error. That meeting will not be held because it falls on primary election day.