Tuxedo. Town of Tuxedo issues survey to gauge people’s attitudes toward its police department

| 17 Mar 2021 | 01:38

    A Town of Tuxedo advisory committee has developed a survey of attitudes toward local police as part of the municipality’s effort to comply with the state-mandated “reinvention” of the department.

    Local governments that don’t adopt and submit police reform plans by April 1 will face the loss of state aid and the appointment of a monitor to ensure the state’s requirements are met.

    Tuxedo’s anonymous survey covers topics like the effectiveness of local police, the fairness of officers and whether they treat members of all races equally. Several local communities have conducted similar surveys including the Village of Monroe, the town of Goshen and Orange County.

    Non-residents are encouraged to fill out the survey because many pass through the town on the Thruway or Route 17 and may encounter Tuxedo police.

    A link to the survey is available on the town’s website https://www.tuxedogov.org

    The Tuxedo committee will conduct its be third meeting on Wednesday, March 24, at 6:30 pm. through the town’s WebEx link accessible through its website.

    Four different subcommittees will report on their activities. The town will then plan a public hearing, adoption of its plan and submission to the state.

    “Most important to us is developing an on-going relationship with our Tuxedo Police,” said Supervisor Kenneth English.

    - Jeff Storey

    Sample questions from the Tuxedo police survey
    Are you a Tuxedo resident?
    If no, how often do you visit Tuxedo?
    Have you ever had an interaction with the Tuxedo Police Department?
    To what extent do you agree with the following statements? The Tuxedo Police Department:
    · Does a good job addressing crime
    · Treats people fairly
    · Uses community policing well
    · Treats people from all walks of life equitably and equally
    · Treats people from all races equally
    · Uses appropriate force
    · Communicates well with the community
    In what areas does the Tuxedo Police Department need more education, awareness or training [subjects specified]
    What do you think the Tuxedo Police Department does well?
    What could the Tuxedo Police Department do better?