Tuxedo. Senior ‘Spot’ Day

| 06 Nov 2020 | 02:17

The Tuxedo School District has always had a long-standing tradition of honoring the members of George F. Baker High School senior class in various ways.

This school year, that tradition was expanded by designating an individual parking space to each of the 16 twelfth-grade students.

Under the direction from the Student Council and the Art Department, the seniors got their creative juices flowing and painted those spots.

This personal touch to the lot, which lies prominently at the front of the campus certainly brightened up the day (literally and figuratively) for the seniors and we hope it has the same effect on all community members and passersby,” said District Clerk Kristine DiFrancesco. “We could all use a little color and inspiration in 2020, and our students have certainly done their part to provide that.”