Tuxedo schools chief resigns

Tuxedo. Timothy H. Bohlke agrees to a separation agreement following an investigation into his using school’s Twitter account where he allegedly viewed porn video and commented on it.

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| 11 Jan 2021 | 08:49

The Tuxedo School District has completed a separation agreement and then accepted Timothy H. Bohlke’s resignation, effective immediately, following an investigation into Boklke’s alleged use of the school’s Twitter account to view a porn video and then commented on the video.

The district’s handle and profile photo had been seen with a remark under comments, all attributed to Bohlke.

From the beginning, the Tuxedo School Board said Bohlke denied any involvement in the incident.

The board hired an independent IT specialist to see if the board’s system had been breached or someone else had made the post. Twitter reports the account no longer exists.

Nicole Scariano, the assistant principal of student servces, has been named interim superintendent of schools and high school principal, filling Bohlke’s duel positions while the board launches a search for a new superintendent.

During Tuxedo’s superintendent search, Human Resources Consultant Dr. Ronald Valenti will assist Scariano. Nicole Clark was appointed to help Scariano as CSE/CPSE Chairperson and Section 504 coordinator.

In a phone call, Realtor Gail Bohlke said she didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize her son.

She knew her son said the Twitter site was hacked. “You can’t find a better person than Tim in this world,” she said.

The Photo News asked that she ask her son to call to share his side of the story.

A call had not been received from Tim Bohlke prior to press time.