Ken English, Michele K. Lindsay and Maria May announce their run for Tuxedo Town Board

TUXEDO. Town Democratic Committee: 'They are committed to a leadership approach that engages the community, encourages economic growth and protects the amazing parklands and watershed that surround our town.'

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| 16 Aug 2019 | 03:55

The Tuxedo Democratic Committee has announced the candidacies of current Town Councilperson Ken English for Tuxedo Town Supervisor, Michele K. Lindsay for re-election as Town Councilperson and Maria May for Town Councilperson.

"They are committed to a leadership approach that engages the community, encourages economic growth and protects the amazing parklands and watershed that surround our town," the Tuxedo Democratic Committee said in its press release announcing the candidacies.

The committee provided these profiles:

Ken English

Ken English has 23 years of public administration experience as the associate director of the New York Public Library’s Adult Education Program that has prepared him for the challenges of leading local government.

He manages a budget of more than $6,000,000 and a team of more than 100 professionals and has built programming that serves six thousand learners each year.

He’s also president of the Northern Tuxedo Residents Association, and a volunteer with the NY/NJ Trail Conference.

Michele K. Lindsay

Michele K. Lindsay, a 24-year resident of Tuxedo, is a former vice president of JPMorgan. She spent her career in monetary policy research and municipal finance.

Lindsay now puts that experience to work for Tuxedo by leading both the Economic Development Committee and Climate Smart Task Force. She brings together local business leaders, community stakeholders and town and county officials to explore opportunities and develop a vision for progress.

She has successfully secured grant monies and continues to work with county and state legislators to bring tax dollars back to Tuxedo.

Maria May

Maria May earned her PhD in Education and raised two daughters as a single mother. She is a public school educator with more than 20 years of experience as a Literacy Specialist.

As a member of the Central Hudson Region PTA Board and a volunteer for the Suffern Central Advocacy Committee, May knows the value of working with elected officials in a non-partisan way and reaching consensus among stakeholders.

Her consistent presence at Town Board meetings and concern for improving our community has motivated her to commit to public service as an elected official.

'Leadership that is inclusive'

"Ken, Michele and Maria will deliver leadership that is inclusive and transparent," the Democratic Committee wrote. "They have the fiscal experience to carefully manage Tuxedo’s budget and assets and the economic insight to work together with property and business owners.

"They understand the need for long-term capital planning to ensure that our infrastructure is well maintained and our town properties are secure, while keeping taxes under the cap so that Tuxedo is a place where seniors can thrive and welcomes new families," the committee added. "They will continue to find ways to engage residents and pledge to make the Town Board work together."

The Independence Party has also nominated English, Lindsay and May to be on the ballot in November

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