DEC: Algae bloom exists in pockets of the Millponds

Monroe. Mayor says as water and air temperatures begin dropping, the algae bloom will die.

| 10 Sep 2019 | 04:02

Mayor Village Monroe Neil S. Dwyer issued the following statement earlier this week:

The village has been advised by the Department of Environmental Conservation that an algae bloom currently exists in pockets of the Millponds. It is a soupy green like substance on top of the water.

There are areas in the ponds that are unaffected by this bloom as well.

It is a naturally occurring bacteria native to most ponds and lakes throughout the United States.

It feeds from the runoff of excess nitrogen and phosphorus from lawn clippings in residential lawns which migrates through our storm water drains, septic leaching, as well as lake vegetation and other nutrient rich biodegradable life.

The environment which allows it to flourish generally is a slow moving, warm, shallow waterway where it can get a lot of sunlight to produce its food. We are in communication with our lake management consultant as well as the DEC.

We have been advised that as water and air temperatures begin dropping, the algae bloom will die.

Signs are being posted around the ponds advising you to:

Not enter the water;

Not come in contact with the water;

Not drink the water;

Not fish in the ponds: and

Not allow pets to enter into or drink from the ponds during this period.

Should you or your pet come into contact with the algae bloom water, wash thoroughly with fresh water.

We expect to see this situation resolve over the next several weeks and we will keep you informed going forward on Constant Contact and the Village of Monroe website.

I am available through Village Hall, should you wish to speak with me or stop in to Village hall for further assistance or clarification.

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