Chabad holds Purim celebrations for children and seniors

| 15 Mar 2018 | 01:14

MONROE — Characters of all ages celebrated the Jewish Holiday of Purim together at Chabad's recent community "Superhero" Purim Party at the American Legion Banquet Hall in Monroe.
The hero-themed party included a buffet dinner, including the traditional Purim pastry called Hamantashen, a masquerade, entertainment, raffles and prizes.
Organizers said the event also featured the “fantastic four” mitzvot, or commandments, of Purim, which are: the “megillah,” the reading the Scroll of Esther, chronicling the Purim story of Jewish "super heroes" and Mordechai and Esther’s victory over "villain" Haman’s plot to annihilate the Jewish people; the “mishloach manot,” the gifts of food, to be exchanged on Purim; “matanot l’evyomin,” or charity for the needy; and “mishteh,” a festive feast.
Laser Show USA, who was featured on America’s Got Talent 2017, entertained the crowd with its LED Robot C02 Show.
The superhero Purim event was made possible though these sponsors: Lee and Michelle Sentell, David and Michele Dixler, the Muhlrad Family, Michael and Corbett Hoffman, Steven and Anita Reich, Henry and Samira Galler and Gil and Phyllis Goetz.
Volunteer assistance was given by Ira Kanis, Sheryl Kerewski, Hillary Cohen, Sarah Wallach, the Burston children, Phyllis Goetz, Lester and Shirley Pleeter, Bracha and Chanan Pincus and the boys from Resita Lubavitch of Monsey.
Chabad of Orange County also shared the Purim experience with a megillah reading, Purim treats and dancing at Sapphire Adult Home in Goshen and The Promenade in Tuxedo.