Applications are now available for Constance Galberd Memorial Scholarship for Nursing

| 01 Feb 2018 | 04:13

    — Applications are now available for the Constance Galberd Memorial Scholarship for Nursing.
    This scholarship honors Constance Galberd, a fondly remembered and valued member of the Woodbury Historical Society who passed away in 2008.
    The Woodbury Historical Society, encouraged and endowed by Constance’s husband, Herman (a former president of the Monroe-Woodbury School Board), established this scholarship in her name.
    The scholarship seeks to recognize and encourage a current or former graduate of Monroe-Woodbury High School who intends to pursue a degree in nursing.
    To a great degree, “nursing” defined Constance Galberd, both professionally and personally. She was a longtime resident of Woodbury where she and her husband raised their three children, all of whom attended Monroe-Woodbury High School. With a strong community commitment and her nursing experience, Constance was a dedicated member of the Woodbury Ambulance Corps.
    GuidelinesThe Constance Galberd Scholarship is awarded to a current or former graduate of Monroe-Woodbury High School who seeks to study for a career in nursing. Students interested in applying should contact the M-W High School Guidance Department or the Woodbury Historical Society at 928-6770 or 928-2613.
    Applications are also available at the Central Valley and Highland Mills branches of the Woodbury Public Library.
    The application should include a detailed resume, a short summary of the student’s intended use of the scholarship, recommendation letters, a transcript, a form signed by parent or guardian (if applicant is a minor), releasing information to the scholarship committee.
    Evidence of commitmentThe applicant also should include a brief statement showing evidence of strong commitment in one or more of the following areas:
    Achievement in the sciences and/or health care;
    Service to school and/or community demonstrating compassion and altruism, as well as integrity, excellence, and/or leadership;
    Intellectual curiosity and creativity
    The amount of the scholarship is determined by the scholarship committee and may vary from year to year. All applicants will be notified of the results, and the scholarship will be awarded at the Monroe-Woodbury H.S academic award ceremony.
    A completed application for the Galberd Scholarship must be submitted to the M-W High School Guidance Office by the date specified by the school (or, if necessary, to the Woodbury Historical Society, P.O. Box 30, Highland Mills, NY 10930 no later than April 28, 2018).