Highland Mills therapist writes book about controlling emotions

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:05

HIGHLAND MILLS - Highland Mills resident Joseph Ross has written a book called “How to Take Control of Your Emotions,” which explores how the subconscious mind controls emotions and offers guidance on how to train the conscious mind to take over, change the course of thought, and alter feeling. According to Ross, the subconscious dominates the direction of emotional life by recording experiences that form emotive reactions and opinions; the book calls this recording process “picturing.” The first part of the book defines picturing through case studies performed by Ross. In chapters like “The Drive that Drives You,” “The Enemy within,” “Inner Voices,” and “Your Mind’s Eye,” the book seeks to educate readers on the subconscious and its processes. The second part of the book is aimed at taking the knowledge gained from the study of the subconscious to learn methods on how to change the way in which the mind works. Ross believes that understanding the picturing process of the subconscious makes one more acutely aware of feelings of disappointment, frustration, anger, and other shortcomings. The book hopes to teach readers how to perform their own emotional intervention in order to discover where painful feelings originate and how to remove them. Ross was a special education teacher in New York for 37 years and had a private practice where he worked as a therapist and counselor for 30 years. The book is available on www.amazon.com and other sites.