‘Had Enough Party'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:16

    This Nov. 2, I will be on the ballot to become your next assemblywoman and it is with great respect that I humbly ask for your vote. Albany is entirely broken, complete with partisan gridlock and political scandal; late budgets, taxpayer-funded perks, missed votes, and sky high property taxes have unfortunately come to be accepted as “normal” by our state government and its members. These are the reasons why I will be appearing on an additional, independent space on the ballot: the Had Enough Party. I, like so many others, have simply had enough of the way both major parties have conducted business in Albany. Furthermore, I vow to continue to stand up to the powerful bloc vote of Kiryas Joel and stop their pipeline from being built in the heart of Orange County. I have proudly been in the trenches fighting the pipeline since 2004 when I introduced and passed legislation to fund a lawsuit and bring KJ to court. Today, I am actively supporting local municipal cases against Kiryas Joel because we have to send a message that is loud and clear: we all must play by the same rules. Finally, something must be done about property taxes in the Hudson Valley where 70 percent of our annual bill goes towards paying for our schools. It is unacceptable and sad to see families having to choose between keeping their homes and educating their children. As a result, I firmly believe that we need to move away from property taxes and towards a broader based solution so that homeowners no longer have to burden the full cost of our schools. This election we have a clear choice. I promise to fight for you every single day and provide real results for our communities. Roxanne Donnery Candidate for the 96th Assembly District Additional information about Donnery can be found on her Web site (roxannedonnery.com)