From Florida to Florida, a Torah scroll returns home to Temple Beth Shalom restored

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:05

A specially trained scribe repairs the wear and tear on the Five Books of Moses caused by time and use, By Beth Kalet Village of Florida — Temple Beth Shalom is celebrating a wedding. It’s the marriage of the congregation and its newly restored Torah scroll. And the community is invited to share in the happy occasion. Of course there will be food; following the 6:30 p.m. ceremony on Saturday, Oct. 23, a catered Kosher dinner will be served. But first, a little background. It all began more than a year ago, when Temple Beth Shalom and its Rabbi, Rebecca Pomerantz Shinder, decided it was time to look into the condition of its Torah scrolls. The Torah is a hand-lettered scroll containing the complete text of the Five Books of Moses. Written on parchment pages that are sewn together, the entire document is rolled up around two wooden spindles, which are attached to the beginning and end of the scroll. The Torah is regularly unwound and rewound as it is read aloud in the synagogue. Over the course of a year, the congregation will have read from start to finish. Naturally, there is wear and tear and over time; repairs are needed. Enter Rabbi Moshe Druin, a specially trained sofer or scribe, who is one of the few people around capable of repairing the Torah scroll. Druin visited Temple Beth Shalom last year to review the congregation’s four scrolls and explain to all how they could manage some of the maintenance work on their own. One scroll was chosen to be sent to North Miami Beach, Fla., where Druin lives and works, for a thorough restoration. So, from Florida to Florida, the Torah scroll traveled last winter, in the company of the Bordman Family of Warwick, members of the congregation who happened to plan a visit south for winter break. The Bordmans — Scott and Robin and their children Dara and Max — carefully chauffeured the scrolls on their two-day trip. They even took it from the car each night to have it sleep with them in their hotel room. They dropped it off with Druin and picked it up 10 days later for the return trip. The evaluation and repair of the one scroll cost about $4,000. Now the newly restored Torah is ready to rejoin the congregation. Come to the wedding The congregation of Temple Beth Shalom in the Village Florida is ready to celebrate the restoration of its newly restored Torah scroll with a “marriage” ceremony and festivities. Since this is a fund-raising event for the Temple, the gift registry includes temple necessities. For more information contact the temple office at: Call 845-651-7817. Send an e-mail to Visit Temple Beth Shalom is located at 13 Roosevelt Ave., Florida.