Calhoun wants to set record straight

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:54

    Please allow me to respond to the “concerns” of Sonia Ayala, who fails to make readers aware that she is co-chair of the Democratic Committee. I was at Blooming Grove Town Hall on Aug. 23 for a “Town Meeting” and solicited questions from the approximately 25 attendees to establish an open dialogue. Sonia Ayala and Robert Fromaget, also a co-chair of the Blooming Grove Democratic Committee, met me at the door with video camera and tripod. Mr. Fromaget proceeded to tape the entire meeting. This footage was used to “cut and paste” and create total inaccurate postings. When Mr. Fromaget was leaving, I asked him if I could have a copy of his video and was told that “I could see it in the media.” The entire session consisted of residents asking questions and my answering them. Those in attendance set the agenda, not me, and all inquiries pertained to state issues with one exception. Ron Jurain, a highly respected Blooming Grove resident and Planning Board member, asked why the town is looking to take over even more sewer and water districts, when they can’t handle the ones they have now? I turned this question over to Supervisor Fornario who responded that the town is “working on this matter.” After the session ended, I stayed for the Town Board meeting. It is a totally outright untruth that I questioned or made any comments regarding the highway vehicle use discussion. Three other residents, Mark Gisselbrecht, Mike Frey and Michael Jahn, all registered opposition to the policy change, and requested that it be revisited. I did make the following inquiries: “Is the applicant that requested use of the Senior Center for “Bird Club” meetings from Blooming Grove?”; and “Are all student summer recreation employees and the two people being employed in the After School program Blooming Grove residents?“ These positions should go to qualified Blooming Grove applicants, as local taxes pay their salaries. I still have not received any response to these inquiries. Lastly, the problems in Albany rest with New York City having total power as is shown by the horribly unfair MTA tax, which treats us as their personal ATM. The three Democratic leaders, Governor David Paterson, Senate Leader John Sampson, and Speaker Sheldon Silver met in secret and, with the unanimous vote of the Senate Democrats and the overwhelming majority of Assembly Democrats also voting in favor, it was passed. I debated against it on the floor, have protested at two train stations, spoken out constantly, and gave testimony at last Monday’s public hearing in Newburgh, held by the M.T.A. Board, who are now seeking to raise commuters’ fares even higher. I am a prime sponsor of a bi-partisan bill to repeal this onerous tax. Thankfully through my and other bi-partisan efforts, we have at least gotten the promise of a full forensic audit of the MTA by NYS Comptroller, Thomas DiNapoli. If you wish to discuss any aspect of state government, feel free to contact me at my home, 845-496-4903. My integrity and the veracity of what I say is the standard you should hold me to and to which I have dedicated myself, as a Blooming Grove Town Board member, Town supervisor and as your Assemblywoman. Assemblywomen Nancy Calhoun (R-C-Blooming Grove)