Bill Larkin is a ‘Man for all Reasons'

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:16

    I have known Senator Bill Larkin for over 25 years. In that time, I have observed his commitment to the people he represents and to many diverse government and private entities. I have always found Bill to be a positive thinker. He has been involved in so many projects that have benefited the residents of his district, such as: • The consolidation of six area hospitals into three, which required financial restructuring and greatly benefited all existing hospitals. • He secured $30.8 million for SUNY Orange so we could provide an outstanding educational facility for our young and upcoming students. • He provided assistance in acquiring the N.Y.S. Armory in the City of Newburgh for only $1. • He obtained $1 million for a heliport at St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital. • And he was an early supporter in establishing the Newburgh waterfront as we know it today. We will all certainly be grateful to Senator Bill Larkin for years to come for his great foresight and his many accomplishments. I believe, if you meet and speak with Bill Larkin, you will come to the same conclusion I have that he is a “Man for all Reasons” and has earned our respect and our vote. Please join me on November 2nd in voting for Senator Bill Larkin. William Kaplan Newburgh