AG pursues wedding photographers for pictures paid for but never delivered

| 22 Feb 2012 | 05:06

    ALBANY — With wedding season approaching, New York officials sued one wedding photographer and announced a $10,000 penalty against another who was paid by 25 newlywed couples but never delivered the albums. The lawsuit against the Buffalo-area photographer on behalf of 19 couples, is one of several filed across the state against wedding photographers who don’t follow through with their promises, according to the attorney general’s office. “Couples who are making plans should be armed with information that will help them recognize and avoid potential consumer fraud,” Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said. They should check photography contracts for due dates, check references from recent weddings and hold back at least 25 percent of total fees until they have the promised products in hand, he said. According to the attorney general, Terry Michael DePaolo Jr., owner of Terry Michael Photography in Tuxedo Park, agreed to pay the $10,000 fine and deliver photo albums to 25 customers who paid but didn’t get them. Complaints against DePaolo started surfacing last spring. Among his jilted clients was a bride who paid $2,000 in advance, was unable to reach the photographer and had to hire someone else. Under the settlement, DePaolo agreed to pay her $2,200 and complete any outstanding wedding albums by May 1. The lawsuit names JMK Photography of Lackawanna, seeking in part the picture proofs and digital images so newlyweds who paid about $2,000 each can get them developed elsewhere. The attorney general also wants the company to post a $100,000 bond to protect future consumers.