A Smile to Remember

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:43

A photographic fund-raising event to benefit the Lynne Morris Scholarship Fund Monroe - Calling all families, kids, couples and more... come have your portrait taken by Jamie Kaminski, a professional photographer and an art teacher at Greenwood Lake Middle School, on Saturday, Sept. 11, to benefit the Lynne Morris Scholarship Fund. “Lynne was a fellow classmate and dear friend from M-W class of 1996,” Kaminski said. “Lynne was an employees of Cantor Fitzgerald and died in the 911 attacks. She was dynamic individual who had a spark and zest for life. She was just plain fun to be around! “While she perished on that day her wide smile is forever engraved in the hearts of those that hold her memory so dear. The Lynne Morris Scholarship is granted to a standout M-W grad from the Morris family, honoring Lynne’s accomplishments personally and professionally.” Portraits will be taken at the Applewood Orchard and Winery in Warwick between 9 a.m. and 1p.m., reservations are required, as there are limited portrait sessions. E-mail the photographer at JamieKaminski@mac.com. About photographer Jamie Kaminski Web: www.JamieKaminski.com http://jkaminski1.photobiz.com/ E-mail: JamieKaminski@mac.com