St. Anthony Community Hospital announces births for May 2017

| 06 Jun 2017 | 04:17

— The following children were born during May 2017 at St. Anthony Community Hospital in Warwick:
• Pascal, a girl, Gulianna Grace, born May 1 to Samantha and Stephen Pascal.
• Conway, a girl, Alyanna Maven, born May 3 to Lainie and Cory Conway.
• Steinhoff a girl, Aria Grace, born May 5 to Jane Tuomala and Jesse Steinhoff.
• Moye, a boy, Gunner Jose Patrick, born May 8 to Celina and Eamonn Moye.
• Marino, a girl, Liliana Grace, born May 9 to Melanie Keller and Lawrence Marino.
• Rabah, a boy, Mostafa born May 13 to Rana and Hassan Rabah.
• Berry, a girl, Emma Rae, born May 15 to Jessica and Stephen Berry.
• Carolan a boy, Connor Hudson, born May 18 to Christine and Keith Carolan.
• Onofrey, a boy, Jonathon Joseph, born May 19 to Stacey and Steven Onofrey.
• Coyle, a girl, Mary Maureen, born May 22 to Meghan and Declan Coyle.
• Corter, a boy, Ryan James, born May 23 to Lisa and Richard Corter.
• Salamone, a boy, Andrew Joseph, born May 24 to Nicole and Matthew Salamone.
• Santos, a girl, Isalena, born May 24 to Candace and Herbert Santos.
• Santos, a boy, James, born May 24 to Candace and Herbert Santos.
• Johnson, a boy, Gunner Dominick Jr., born May 25 to Kristie and Gunner Johnson.
• Leshiner, a girl, Emma Amelia, born May 27 to Caitlin and Kirill Leshiner.
• Lovett, a boy, Leif Johansen, born May 29 to Betty and Brendan Lovett.
• Milligan, a boy, Sidney Thomas, born May 31 to Alyssa Dew and Travis Milligan.