Goshen. A word from Mayor Mike Nuzzolese

| 21 Apr 2020 | 06:07

“It’s refreshing to me to see people walking around Goshen keeping to social distancing," said Village of Goshen Mayor Mike Nuzzolese. "I’m proud to say they’re being respectful.

“Our fine downtown restaurants have to remain closed," he added, "but they have re-invented themselves, doing take-out — they have it down to a science.”

The mayor predicts: “The community will come back quickly. When we open the village, I’m sure people will continue to respect others’ space. We don’t want small businesses to get hurt any more than they are. We have a healthy business district downtown. I know they’ll come back strong.

“If we all stick together, follow good practices, we’ll come back," Nuzzolese added. "All this will be put behind us, and we will return to our normal lives.”

- Geri Corey