Get ready to tackle the details of your lawn and garden

| 22 Mar 2018 | 01:52

Start by evaluating your lawn
Look for bald spots where grass has grown sparsely and needs reseeding, or uneven areas that may need to be filled and leveled.
Before you take steps to correct any problems, you'll need a clean slate.
Clear the yard of any leaves, rocks or sticks that may have accumulated then cut the grass as short as you can. Use a thatching rake to remove dead roots and grass.
Break up the soil in bare spots to create an environment that will be hospitable to new seed.
Add lawn soil to level the surface.
You'll also need to apply an herbicide to treat weed-infested areas.
Allow the weed killer to work for about a week then rake again to remove dead weeds.
Then you're ready
Next, you can to over-seed or spot seed, depending on your lawn's needs.
Your climate will determine the best grass variety for your yard.
Be sure to select and apply a fertilizer that is consistent with your grass type and water thoroughly to promote deep root growth, which can help your lawn withstand extreme conditions as temperatures rise.
Your lawn isn't the only part of your yard that needs attention during the spring months, though.
Your garden and flower beds
You may need to give some care to your gardens before they, too, are ready to burst with new bounty and color.
Begin by clearing your garden and beds of any debris like leaves and other matter that piled up during months of neglect.
Gently turn the soil and work in fresh fertilizer.
Check your hardscapes
Before your plants and flowers are in full-growth mode is the ideal time to make repairs.
Check edging for any damage, replace rotted woodwork and complete any other maintenance tasks.
Tend your plants
As for the plants, prune before the first buds sprout to minimize stress.
You can also start indoor seeds, and early spring is the time to divide perennials and plant some hardier vegetables, such as onions and potatoes.
The warmer months may still seem too far away, but getting some of your lawn and garden care underway now can make those warmer, sunny days feel closer in no time.