Warwick. ‘A Fungi Art Gathering’

| 24 Apr 2023 | 03:23

A Mycelium Network of Hudson Valley Artists will be presented at The Amity Gallery from May 6 through May 28. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 6, from 5-7 p.m.

The Hudson Valley holds beautiful fruiting bodies of Fungi year-round. Fungi makes for a never-ending subject of exploration in art and science as it is in every corner of our lives and in nature.

Like fungi using a mycelium network to transfer messages and nutrients, a Mycelium Network of Hudson Valley Artists gather to share their own perspectives of these ancient art forms.

The exhibit includes works by Safa Naimah, Renee Baumann, Serena’s Nature, Goodnight Stetz, Roberta Trentin, Jean Brennan, Zoe Cone, Ellie Stover, Bill Graziano and more.

For more on the artists, log onto https://elliestover.format.com/a-network-of-fungi-art.

The Amity Gallery is located at 110 Newport Bridge Road in Warwick. Call 845 258-0818 for information.