Seeds for Sunflower Growing Competition soon to be sent

Master gardeners share their secrets with kids for sunflower successes.

| 11 May 2022 | 05:34

    Middletown. Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County will soon send seeds to youth age 5-19 for their 2022 Sunflower Growing Competition. This contest is free and open to all youth in Orange County ages 5-19 as well as all Orange County 4-H youth members. If you are a teacher, 4-H Club leader, or other youth leader in Orange County, you can register the youth in your class, club, or group. Registration closes on Wednesday, June 1.

    Cornell Cooperative will mail a packet of five sunflower seeds and growing instructions for each registered youth later this month. For teachers, 4-H Club leaders, and other youth leaders, they will mail individual packets of seeds for the total number of youth teachers register and let teachers distribute them.

    The seeds should be planted between June 1 and June 15. Cornell Cooperative will follow up with seed planters throughout the summer. Flowers will bloom in late August and September. Contest submission can be made online from August 15 through September 30. Prizes will be awarded to youth for the tallest plant and largest bloom.

    To register, go to or call Susan Ndiaye at 845-344-1234, Extension 250. You can also learn more about Master Gardeners here: Cornell Cooperative Extension | Master Gardener Volunteer Program (

    Cornell Cooperative Extension and its partnerships provide programs for Orange County residents on youth and family development; nutrition, health, and food safety; community and economic vitality; and agricultural sustainability through Cornell based research. They design programs to address local needs. For more information, call Cornell Cooperative Extension Orange County at 845-344-1234 or visit their website at