Musician’s wanderings from Nebraska to Chester spark “Where’s West From Here” EP

Chester. Karl Soro/aka Kai Sorensen roamed from Nebraska to Chester, via Brookly, wanderings that infuse his new EP, “Where’s West from Here,” available to stream or buy digitally on August 25.

| 15 Aug 2022 | 04:26

Leaving home in Nebraska and encountering what felt chaotic and confusing on the east coast inspired recording artist and touring musician Kai Sorensen to make his debut EP “Where’s West From Here.” He will release it under the name Karl Soro on August 25.

Recording the EP began in Brooklyn in 2018, but the process came to a halt as the world changed with the pandemic in 2020. For Kai and his wife Liza, what unfolded was a chain of events that would land them in Chester after they decided they were done with city life.

So what began as lo-fi recordings in a Brooklyn apartment evolved as one choice after another brought them to Chester. Being in the Hudson Valley transformed the city grit of the music into an alternative-folk/psychedelic experience, Soro said, noting that his experimentation with old recording techniques and vocal arrangements, inspired by the Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, gives the EP a familiar foundation. “Where’s West From Here” will be available on August 25 via streaming or digital purchase.

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