Ice skating and ice fishing are now Tuxedo Park possibilities

| 27 Jan 2022 | 03:21

    As part of my ongoing effort to raise awareness that Wee Wah Park is a four-season recreational facility, the Board of Trustees approved an area eligible for skaters at last evening’s meeting. Please use the area directly off the Wee Wah Park beach. Skating is open to all village taxpayers.

    The Chief of Police, Dave Conklin, is in charge of approving when the lake is safe for skating and will do so in conjunction with the DPW Supervisor Jeff Voss. For safety purposes, approval is based on the thickness of the ice and other conditions. Presently, skating is not permitted on the Wee Wah - Please give us a few days to organize signage and other means of communicating when the lake is safe for skating. Unfortunately, the lavatories do not function during the winter.

    Last week the village approved the WWFC to ice fish - the ice was 8” thick.

    Thank you and enjoy

    Tuxedo Park Mayor David C. McFadden